Vintage Cars and Fashion Collide in Fairbanks, and the Result is Spectacular.

An unexpected treasure at Wedgewood Resort.

Visitors are astonished to discover this world-class collection of beautiful machines and fashions right here in Alaska. The custom-built facility with an eye-popping assortment of Edwardian finery, Flapper dresses, Art Deco gowns, and some of the most visually stunning automobiles ever to grace America’s roads in the early 20th century. The museum’s 85 horseless carriages, steam cars, Roaring 20s speedsters, luxury classics, and rare autos such as Argonne, Compound, and Heine-Velox look like they just rolled off the showroom floor.

Woven among the vehicles and 100+ fashions are entertaining videos, large scale photographs, and exhibits showcasing Alaska’s wild and uncommon automobile history.

Many of the cars are extremely rare, some being the only ones of their kind made or still surviving. These include a rare 1910 Everett roadster, which visitors can climb into for photographs after dressing up in vintage dusters and hats. All but a few of the automobiles still run and are driven each summer.

Be sure to include the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum on your to-do list. There is no other attraction like it in Alaska!

“Absolutely the best museum we have ever been to - both for autos as well as regional history and vintage clothes. PLEASE do yourself a favor and go to this museum! You will NOT be disappointed!!”


WINTER HOURS: Sunday noon to 6PM

  • Mid-Sept. through mid-May - Sundays - Noon to 6PM
  • Mid-May through mid-Sept. - Sun. through Thurs. 11AM to 9PM
  • Friday & Saturday 11AM to 6PM 


Holiday Events - Invitation only parties:

Friday, December 5 - University Welding
Saturday, December 6 - GVEA
Thursday, December 11 - Brice, Inc
Friday, December 12 - Pogo Mine
Saturday, December 13 - Utility Services
Thursday, December 18 - FDI
Friday, December 19 - TVC
Saturday, December 20 - Everts Air


Winter Hours

Closed Monday through Saturday till mid-May, 2015